How can I check if the community plugin is safe?

Hello, everyone.

Just found Obsidian and it looks like a great replacement for Notion. But, it lacks some important features “out of the box”. I found plugins for these features (Daily Planner for example). But, when I try to disable “Safe Mode” to install community plugins, I get that very scary warning.


I searched Obsidian docs and it tells that they can’t restrict plugins. So if I understand correctly plugins will have full access to any files on my computer? As for internet connection I thought I might be able to restrict plugin internet access with firewall but I don’t sure if I will be able to distinguish if is it plugin tries to make a connection or the Obsidian itself (since after installing Obsidian already tried to make several connections to different servers).

So I will be really grateful if you help me to figure it out.

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I had a similar concern and think this thread may be helpful for you: Hypothetical question about data security



Yes, thank you very much.
I guess I searched bad if I didn’t find your thread.