How can I change the font?

I’m using a really nice theme created by the community but the font’s the only thing that I can’t get over.
How can I change the font?
Is there a way?


Yes you can look into the CSS file to change a line to fix that.

If you need help I think our Discord is a better place to ask (under the #css-themes channel):

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I understood how to develop the CSS file, but where I do insert it so the theme works?

Just inside the vault as obsidian.css.

Really hoping that changing fonts for both preview / editor panes will be available directly from the preferences menu (having to edit some css in order to change the font just feels wrong and may scare some people).


Maybe in future a global.css file that overrides certain css elements for any css style. Some other Markdown editors have this option. File a feature request.

Hello can you tell me how you changed the fonts