How about "Forward links" - is there a way to have such auto-suggestions?

Is there a way to have auto-suggestions for turning the word I write into a link to an already existing note with this name? So, for example when I write the word “guitar” in a note, and I already have a note called Guitar that I would get a pop-up, so I could choose to make a link to the Guitar note? This would be awesome. Is it possible, either with or without a plug-in? Thanks!

In settings > core plugins, have you enabled backlinks and outgoing links?

Outgoing links covers the guitar scenario above. It detects other notes that you might want to link to. It does this (I think) by using note titles.

I have a note titled, “- Psychology”. If I type “psychology” in a note, nothing shows. If I type “- psychology”, then the “-Psychology” note shows up under outgoing links.

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Thanks. I tried it and it shows exactly as you mentioned. But that is not what I am after. I want auto suggestions where the cursor is as I type, so that the moment I write “guitar” the color is changed to the color of a link, making it possible either to press ENTER to make it a link or SPACEBAR to continue typing without making it a link. Is that possible?

I don’t think it’s possible, you have to manually link the note. You could however make a feature request about this.

Thanks. I’m new here. How do I make a feature request? It should be rather easy to implement, since the Unlinked Outgoing links are already there.

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Make a post just like this one in the feature request section.

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