๐Ÿ“… How 2024 will be different for you in terms of PKM?

Many people make decision and changes when new year comes around.

Have you promised yourself to improve some workflow or implement a change which would streamline/simplify your journey in the PKM world?

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Yes. For most of 2023 I spent it bouncing between Notion, Obsidian, and Logseq. Towards the end I got exhausted bouncing between tools and having files spread out everywhere. So this year, I told myself Iโ€™d pick one application (Obsidian) and ride the wave. More importantly, I told myself with Obsidian, I wanted to slow down.

There is so much online about ZK, atomic notes, interstitial journaling, etc. Notes similar to our thoughts are never complete and can change based on the input we get from ourselves or the environment. So, I want to slow down and not feel like โ€œknowledge managementโ€ is a game of hungry hippos where I have to collect as much information as possible.