Hovering over the heading of a note and a pop-up appears that shows the note's title

When I have four or five notes open, the titles of those notes becomes truncated and I have to go into the note, skip to the end, to see what the title is.

it would be great if I could just hover over it, (maybe whilst pressing CMD?) and a pop up appears showing the name of the note.


Yes it would be nice if they replaced the hover Drag to Rearrange with the name of the file when the mouse is over the document icon.

Btw, you can easily see the name of the current note in the titlebar if you use GitHub - pjeby/quick-explorer: Perform file explorer operations (and see your current file path) from the Obsidian.md title bar


Excellent idea! It would also be great if we could see the whole title when editing it. Currently I find myself typing blind. (Iā€™m on macOS)

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Okay! Great! Sounds like there is some support for this - is there a process by which these things are enacted?
Thanks for all your work obsidian people, it is an amazing tool :slight_smile:

This has already been implemented in 16.x (which is currently only available for Insider builds). So this feature can be archived.

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