Hovering over the embeds themselves to see the context

Use case or problem

I’m hoping to use the hover function when I was reading the lists collected by ‘dataview’, since there may be some context I may need to read near the list.

And also I may want to read the context around the texts that were embedded into on page.

So I realize this may be the feature needed.

Proposed solution

As mentioned above, implementing this feature can help us go through the context surrounding the embedded information quickly without clicking on it and opening another page.

Current workaround (optional)

I’m actually clicking on the information to open a new page to see the context. Or sometimes I may add the supplementary information below that list to make sure it can show up when I use dataview to collect them. But that may make the list looks very thick.

Hovering over the embeds themselves to preview the context.

Actually, the trigger hover upon the embedded information can be achieved by the plugin - hover editor.

But still, I cannot trigger hover upon the lists collected by the dataview.

By referring to the “lists”, I’m actually referring to the “tasks” collected by dataview.