Hovering autocollapse sidepanes

This might be already posted somewhere, but I couldn’t find it (so feel free to link to an existing thread if I missed one).

Obsidian could really use Notion-like hovering and auto collapsing side panes. Especially when working on a slightly smaller screen, this feature is a game-changer in terms of screen space management. There is currently a plugin doing something similar (sidebar expand on hover, thanks for the great work @toiq!), unfortunately, it doesn’t allow for side panes to hover over the current note. I mostly use side panes anecdotally to access the main content of my various notes, and as such do not need to see the side panes 90% of the time. Their usage of screen space should reflect that (and constantly manually opening and closing them is quite inconvenient).

I genuinely feel like this should be a core option in obsidian as it proves so important for taking proper advantage of screen real estate and will only be enjoyable to use if well integrated/polished.

Let me know what you think!

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Any updates on this?