Hover preview now loads embedded search properly - doesn't work

Steps to reproduce

I have got a note with embedded search like this one:


Where I enter this note I got many results

Expected result

Hover preview now loads embedded search properly

Actual result

When I Hover on a link to this note I have got an empty result



  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.10.9


I can’t reproduce your problem. Does it happen with no third party plugins? Are you using some custom css?
What is your installer version?

I have got turn off all Comunity Plugins and CSS Snipplets

I have got:

I have found that when I enter a page in edit mode. then change it to Preview mode this issue happen. When I Reload a Obsidian CTRL+R it starts to work as expected.

I can’t reproduce. download and install a fresh copy of obsidian from the website. If it happens again, post a screen recording. screen2gif

How Can I download version 0.10.9 from website? I can find only official beta.

download 0.10.8 and then it will update to 0.10.9 on its own.

do you still have this problem?