Hover preview alternative on Mobile

Use case or problem

Using hover preview for outgoing links with Obsidian on desktop to triple-check attachments, remember relevant distinctions, etc. really supports my ability to focus and work in one pane/area at a time.

But without hover preview on mobile, opening outgoing links with read/write access can lead me away from my original task to tweaking, premature inter-referencing, etc. When I anticipate this possibility, I may sometimes forget to inter-reference, miss key feedback loops.

Proposed solution

Adding a preview button to the context menu/Mobile Toolbar would be great for quick read access to outgoing links. Having hover preview as press-and-hold would be ideal for my use case.

Current workaround

For my ADHD/memory use cases, a) link embed relevant outgoing links/headers/blocks in the same pane, b) selectively open outgoing links in a new pane and c) use better SPS/retrieval practices consistently.