Hover popup note gap at the top

This is a bit of a specific question.

Things I have tried

My custom CSS code for the popup window is the following

.popover.hover-popover {

.popover.hover-popover .markdown-embed {

.markdown-embed-link {
display: none;

I tried including “position” or “z-index” arguments to move the text but it did not work

What I’m trying to do

Now, when i hover over a link, the popup opens as i want. But the note in the popup has a big gap at the top before the headline (see image).

Is there a simple css way to have the text moved up a bit by default or cut the upper part of the note in the popup?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Have tried using the inspector and checking the paddings and margins of the elements?

I solved my own problem. I moved the note up in the popover window with margin-top:-30px

.popover.hover-popover .markdown-embed {
font-size: 0.85em;

When doing that, the scrollbar had issues so i simply also deleted the scrollbars

body:not(.native-scrollbars) ::-webkit-scrollbar {
width: 0px;
height: 0px;

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