Hotkeys with Dvorak keyset

I use Dvorak key set and I’m having difficulty with copy, cut, paste and other hotkeys. I use a keyset that makes the OS and most programs read the keyboard in a way where the physical keys used for these commands are the same as Qwerty - but Obsidian does not. To make sure I’m communicating well, I press my Copy (ctrl-k). Most places is Windows will consider this as Ctrl+c. Obsidian sees it as Ctrl+k. I’m happy to share the keyboard file, as it isn’t a default windows keyset. (The default Dvorak-US English keyset in windows keeps hotkeys bound to the actual letter, which is pretty useless - Copy would be ctrl+i on a qwerty board - gross.)

To further complicate matters, for these actions, the ctrl+c/x/v don’t work, but others do (ctrl+p for instance) - based on the Dvorak keyset - i.e. ctrl+c (ctrl+i on qwerty) does not copy.

Ill admit, this is difficult to explain, and I’m not sure I’ve done a passible job.

Steps to reproduce

Have a keyset with separate letter and hotkey layers.
Use hotkeys.

Expected result

Cut (ctrl+q on Dvorak) cuts.
Copy (ctrl+j on D) copies.
Paste (ctrl+k on D) Pastes

Actual result

Hotkeys don’t function as desired (cut being ctrl+q, but seen as ctrl+c via programs) and some don’twork with the ‘default’ key (cut being ctrl+x).


Windows 10
Obsidian 0.9.17
Microsoft Ergonomic Natural Keyboard
Dvorak+Ctrl keyset

Additional information

I think this has something to do with the way Obsidian reads the incoming keys. Other programs like Microsoft Word have some similar issues, as though in that case, the program just reads the keys as dvorak, nd completely ignores the hotkeys. In this case there’s a mix of reading keys as dvorak, and not registering commands at all.

Possibly releted to:

Can you post the “keyset”?
I have my custom layout created in
Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (MSKLC)
The source file before compilation is stored with extension “.klc” and is readable in text editor.
This might allow to detect source of issues.
As workaround, it might also allow to create efficient context sensitive remapping for Obsidian using AutoHotkey.

Thanks for the linking of issues!
@malecjan You bet. You can find a gdrive link here. I’ve not used the MKLC before, here’s hoping I get to learn something! As for Autohotkey, I can use it sometimes, but it interferes with some accessibility software (Jaws & Openbook) I use, which makes extensive use of hotkeys, which also doesn’t play nice with the keyset. Thanks for your assistance!

We will introduce a new way of handling keyboard shotcuts in 0.10.2. Let me know if it solves the issue.


Thank you! Looking forward to it. Any suggestion of when to look for that update? My client says it’s up-to-date. Thanks so much!

You will receive it when we push it with the autoupdate.

Thanks for what you do!

Hello there! I have tasted some of the newer versions, including the release you had referred to. I don’t notice a difference in functionality with my issue. Paste seems to be the one command that isn’t working at this point. Cut and copy are currently working. Both versions of paste Ctrl + v (qwerty) and Ctrl + v (Dvorak, but Qwerty’s ‘.’ key). It would seem that Obsidian is reading these two keys differently somehow – at least to my eye.

I looked at Microsoft’s keyboard editor, but I’d need to do digging into things I don’t even comprehend. Any suggestions on how to move forward welcome!