Hotkeys to change which sidebar items are in focus

Use case or problem

There are many useful sidebar “widgets” that help when working on notes in Obsidian:

  • search
  • file explorer
  • calendar view
  • backlinks
  • tags
  • outline
  • local graph view
  • mindmap, timeline etc

As they don’t all fit into one setup when open, it’s necessary to “stack” them.

For example for me, tags, outline and backlinks live in the same box in the top half of the right sidebar.

Proposed solution

It would be great to be able to change which one of those widgets is “in focus” with a hotkey

Current hotkey

One can set hotkeys for “Open backlinks”, “Open outline” but unfortunately they don’t “open” the widget / sidebar item but instead open the item in a new note

Related feature requests (optional)

This was implemented at some point.

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