Hotkeys/navigation in Vim normal mode


In Vim normal mode I would like to have the following hotkeys:

Navigation between notes:

  • Follow links by using Enter
  • Go back using Backspace

Navigation within a note:

  • Go to next link using Tab
  • Go to previous link using Shift+Tab

This would speed up navigation a lot.


At least for the first two, might I suggest mapping the commands vim uses for navigation? If you run :help tags, it will give more information.

Basically, CTRL+ ] navigates to the item under the cursor (so, navigating to a link), while CTRL + O goes back, and CTRL + I goes forward.

It’s not default mappings, but if you set this up, it will be consistent with how Vim behaves normally.


Agreed. I come from a vimwiki background and my suggestions are the default keybindings for that plugin.

@tomas, are you still actively using Vimwiki and Obsidian side by side? Are there useful tips you’d like to share?

I use Vimwiki as well and have learned about Obsidian in early November. For now, I am satisfied with this simple function that lets me launch from Vimwiki into Obsidian.

I am interested in learning what time may have taught you about using Vimwiki+Obsidian together :slight_smile:

RE: shortcuts for fully-fledged Vim key-bindings in Obsidian - maybe we should push for a NeoVim (or Vim-Ghost) type of solution? There, full Vim functionality can be reproduced exactly. Based on what I learned from a month-long side project trying to replicate Vim bindings for Overleaf, where they used Ace editor for emulating Vim, it is simply not a good use of everybody’s time to replicate full Vim functionality in a web environment. These vim-enumerators are not built with a .vimrc file in mind. For Overleaf, I ended up with the following two Uesr script. I drafted the first one and I found the second one helpful as well:

  1. Overleaf Editor Custom VIM Keybindings
  2. Overleaf fileswitcher