Hotkey to navigate between panels

I’d like to be able to move between panels without using the mouse. I have these set up in emacs and vim as hjkl with a modifier, but I will understand if we make the default something less nerdy.


In the hot key setup you can switch between the panes through cmd + alt + left or right. Though right now when you switch from one pane to the other the cursor does not follow. So that might be a bug.


This isn’t true switching, but more of a “go back in history” kind of navigation. I guess OP means the equivalent of “switching between tabs” in a browser.


I see, it was acting a bit weird. In VScode there is the shortcut cmd + number to switch between panes, so that would be a nice pattern.

Is the pane number obvious there or you have to count them mentally first?

You have to count them mentally first. So there could be a point in having a small number on the pane to signify how to reach it by that number.

There’s a feature in several emacs and vim pane-switching solutions where hitting a hotkey dims the contents and displays a switching character, that’s also a possibility.

But I really want directional switching, as well.

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I am fine with it being nerdy. I love this tool because it is more programmer friendly. I hope we add support for this soon!

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The hotkey + switching character approach works brilliantly for me when ‘clicking’ using the keyboard (first discovered this way of navigating using Vimium in Chrome).

My eyes are already on the thing I want to click , I subconsciously hit the hotkey and then automatically hit the letter that appears over the thing that I’m looking at.

This is an example of the Vimium overlay. It might look a bit messy but it’s on the screen for less than a second and works really well in practice.


There are hotkeys
“Focus on pane to the left”
“Focus on pane to the right”
mentioned already in Obsidian Release v0.7.5

“Focus on above/below/left/right pane”

And also plugin Cycle through panes

Can this be archived or is something still missing? @mediapathic


I prefer to Vimium, too.

Thanks a lot! I just set mine to Cmd+Shift+[ and Cmd+Shift+] to mimic the same behaviour in Finder and web browsers while using tabs.

Yes. “Focus” is the keyword!

Hello everyone, currently is there any update on this. Every time I open multiple tabs, I need to click it from one to the other using mouse. Not user-friendly. Is there any way we could do it like web browser tab. Shift + Tab or Shift + Ctrl + Tab. :slight_smile:

@lawweiliang There are multiple shortcuts to navigate between pans and there are also third party plugins to do so.