Hotkey to fold YAML

YAML/front matter is incredibly useful, especially with dataview plugin. An annoyance, however, is seeing a bunch of metadata when opening a note. I’d love:

  1. an option to set default behavior to hide YAML in Edit (not only in Preview) mode.
  2. hotkey to toggle YAML display in Edit mode (I guess same hotkey could apply to Preview as well).

+1 It’s super distracting when you try to edit articles.

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Yeah I’d love that!

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With Live Preview now working so beautifully, it would be great improvement being able to toggle the YAML section folded away out of sight.

The developer of Metatable, which folds YAML perfectly in reading mode, wasn’t sure how to adapt it to Live Preview a month ago.

Is there the possibility this feature could be implemented natively? Or more likely through Metatable?