Hotkey to copy current note as link

If my current notes title is “My title here”

I would like a hotkey where I can get the current title as [[My title here]] that I can paste into new documents



This can now be easily done using commands/hotkeys implemented in Obsidian Release v0.8.13

There are now new commands for “Edit file title” and for “Copy file path”.

In AutoHotkey ( / Keyboard Maestro ) we can create sequence:

F6:: ; ← Specify hotkey before double colon. 
; 1. Select title. 
  Send, {F2} ; ← Change F2 to hotkey used in Obsidian for "Edit file title". 
  ; E.g. "Alt+D" → "<!d". 
; 2. Copy title. 
  Clipboard := ""
  SendInput, ^c ; ← = Ctrl+C
; 3. read clipboard and Trim leading / trailing whitespace (accidentally copied with text). 
  myvar = %Clipboard%
; 3. Surround title in double square brackets. 
  myvar := "[[" . myvar . "]]" ; Concatenate strings. 
; 4. Put result to clipboard. 
  Clipboard := myvar

From Obsidian Release v0.10.0
It is also possible to create link by dragging in multiple ways.
So I think this request can be archived. @WhiteNoise