Hotkey that copies current note's filename

I’d like to have a hotkey that copies the filename of the note I’m currently working on.

Often when I type in one note, I want to make a link to that note in another panel. So I grab the mouse, select the text in the header of the current file (the filename), select it, do Ctrl-C, and move to the other note and paste it there.

It would be a much smoother operation for me if I can simply copy the filename of the current note. :slight_smile:


Normally, if you link your notes, Obsidian will try to guess what you’re trying to do. However, if your filename is quite complex, you might have trouble. So I guess this should be added.

I’d love to be able to drag one note into another and have it appear as a link.


This would be a huge benefit!

This request can be closed. Since I made the request Obsidian added the ‘Copy file path’ hotkey, which copies the current note’s filename. :slightly_smiling_face: