Hotkey integration for core settings

TLDR: Export obsidian settings as hotkey targets

Use case or problem

I am adding new plugins to obsidian all the time. There is no quick way to jump to the “community plugins” section.

My current workflow:

  • Ctrl+P to open the cmd pallete
  • Type settings
  • click on the community plugins
  • click on “browse”

Proposed solution

It would be great if Obsidian exported all core settings screens as hotkey hooks. Eg, I would map Ctrl+D (or whatever) to directly open the “community plugins” section. This would save me a few clicks and allow keyboard navigation.

If it’s possible, it would be even cooler to go one level deeper and add hooks to instantly open “browse” under “community plugins”. The same could be said for swapping out obsidian themes in the appearance section.

Additional Thoughts

  • The risk is that there will be too many hotkey targets which may have performance implications. Perhaps there could be some macro system on top of the existing UI elements in obsidian?