Hotkey for underline toggle

It’d be nice to have the ability. We already have it for bold and italics. Yes, there is no markdown shortcut for underline, but we can still have the option for HTML’s version <u></u>.


I was about to request the same thing.

So I’m not wrong when using to underline text.
Is there a way to have a shortcut to underline, as we have fto put text in bold with Ctrl+B , or == to highlight it.

+1 for hotkey for underline toggle

I want this badly as I had to manually put this tags in multiple places which is an inhuman torture. It needs to be something like Ctrl + U

@jug , @jellishero @Liong1976 @Cedric

There is a plug-in that does what you guys want :slight_smile:

I hope to helps!!!


thank you.

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Bro (Am assuming gender, If I am incorrect feel free to correct me), Once someone creates a plugin for underling, you can easily change the hotkey from what it was, to ctrl + U.

Edit: Underlining not underling. I am in no way, shape or form, Asking for global domination :stuck_out_tongue:.