Hotkey for Dark/light theme toggle

Please allow one hotkey to toggle either dark or light themes. Currently these two options require two separate hotkeys.

This request is similar to the Star/unstar current file hotkey.


Came here to write exactly this.
No point of two hotkeys, when we are actually toggling between light and dark, we can’t use them both at the same time.
A toggle key serves a double purpose, while a “Use light theme” and “Use dark theme” serve only one and confuse me, as I need to ask myself the following:

  1. Which theme am I using?
  2. Which theme do I need to switch to?
  3. What was the hotkey for that?

Edit: this feature request is a duplicate of Switch for Light/Dark mode instead of two shortcuts


yes please

Present in Obs hotkey section.


Came here to ask for this. No need for 2 shortcuts when we could use a single command/shortcut for the toggle.