Horizontal scrolling or swiping on mobile?

Does anyone know if there are any plugins that enable side horizontal scrolling instead of vertical on mobile?

Use case:
I do a lot of teaching and presenting using markdown and historically have used Ulysses on iPad with the quick “epub” export which allows for ebook-like pagination right inside the Ulysses app without having to open a reader. This is really nice when teaching or speaking because scrolling is simply one swipe and mindless without having to “scroll down to find your next spot”

I don’t know of one offhand, but there might be.

As a sort of workaround for now, you can make scrolling more mindless by starting with your finger at the bottom of the page and going all the way to the top. (Unfortunately you have to start a little above the bottom of the screen to avoid triggering the app switcher, but a little practice helps.) It’s obviously not quite as nice as true pagination, but it’s closer.


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