Horizontal Scrolling in the PDF Viewer

Use case or problem

I’m a professional performer - among many other things, I currently store a lot of my sheet music in my Obsidian Workspace in PDF form. I personally don’t mind scrolling vertically, but it’s the bane of almost every pianist I’ve shown Obsidian to. The new PDF viewer has already made my life infinitely easier, but having the ability to toggle between vertical and horizontal or page-like scrolling would solve basically every issue I’ve ever had with Obsidian PDF management.

Proposed solution

Implement page-style PDF scrolling, where you can swipe left/right to move between pages.

Current workaround (optional)

Opening them in a different PDF app (like PDFExpert or the default iOS Files app) that allows for this


Agree to this idea! As a singer in church worship team this is also what I encountered during worship times. As a setup of the iPad sitting a bit far on the music book stand and with only one free hand to control it (another hand is holding the mic), it would be more easy to control page turning if an option of scrolling or swiping is implemented.

Now Apple reveals the same feature on their note app so we all can notice @jfkingsley 's vision too. Obsidian should have this feature.