Horizontal Listing of an inline field data

What I’m trying to do

I have a note which have several inline fields.

date:: 2023-12-01
name:: Pet

date:: 2023-12-05
name:: Pol

date:: 2023-12-10
name:: Pla

date:: 2023-12-12
name:: Foo

date:: 2023-12-15
name:: Bar

From these inline fields,
I’d like to export only the names randomly like the following in a single line. (maybe with dataviewjs?)

Name : Bar, Pla, Pet, Foo, Pol

Things I have tried

I searched the forum, help documents for dataview. But, I can’t find any clue for this.

Thank you for reading and your interest in advance.

Just listing them should be easy enough, as you could do `= this.name`. However, be aware that with this way of define your inline fields, they’re not connected. That is, you get two lists, one for the dates, and one for the names, and they’re not connected to each other.

So say you wanted to get only the names from the first week of December, this structure wouldn’t be able to accommodate that as you don’t know which date belongs to which name (except for possibly the index being the same, which can very easily get shifted).

If you want to connect these fields, you’re better of using either lists or tasks, and either of the following would gather the two fields in the same item:

- [date:: 2023-12-01] - [name:: Pet]
- [date:: 2023-12-05]
  [name:: Pol]
- (date:: 2023-12-10): (name:: Pla)

Thank you for the reply.

Because I just want names, it’s OK even though the connectivity between them is broken.

Is there any way to randomize the order of names?

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