Hope this Obsidian forum can add an auto dark theme switcher

Hope this Obsidian forum can add an auto-dark theme switcher and below are some useful resources l have found on Discourse Meta.

Automatic Dark Mode color scheme switching - feature / announcements - Discourse Meta


I don’t completely get your request - what exactly are you asking for that obsidian cannot do? You can easily switch between light and dark mode (even by simply pressing a hotkey) and you can define different color schemes for each.

The request is for it to be automatic based on the user’s system, such as going to dark mode at night time. And it’s for the forum, not for Obsidian.


Ah, got it! :+1:

So, has this forum’s moderator or the website’s supportor seen this topic?

yup… no guarantee this will be addressed. Meanwhile, you can change it manually.


Thanks, l know l can change it manually, but it is too inconvenient. Besides, this function doesn’t need many change and l think it won’t take a long time for the website’s supporters to solve it.

Is there any progress?

Is there any progress? @rigmarole

Sorry, there is no progress nor any commitments to implement this.

You know what @mendax1234 ? I have a feeling you’re going to be ok putting up with this inconvenience…