Home, spaces and vault

New here so be nice please.

Every time I open up Obsidian, it goes to an empty “space” called Home. There’s nothing there and the next thing I do–100 times out of 100–is click on the files icon above it to get to where I really want to be. Which is in my main vault. I don’t quite understand what the home space is for, nor how I can avoid going there when I open the app.

I’ve gone into Finder and deleted it a couple times but it just keeps generating a new one so I assume it’s got some purpose. I just don’t know what it is. Thanks.

do you have a plugin named something like MAKE which creates “spaces” and a default home note?
if not, check other plugins settings and make sure nothing is toggled that would lead to this behavior - such as the Daily plugin has an option to open a note up everytime on startup.

Yes. Thank you. MAKE.md. I installed it as a result of some YT video or other. Never did quite get what it’s for.

Although I’m unsure why, if I disable that plugin but I leave the setting to create a daily note when I first open the app activated, it still happens. But I don’t need to understand that. At least I know where to look. Thanks again.

It does quite a few things. One is that it allows you to see all of your notes in the main reading pane, see the attached screenshot. You select it using the arrow in the screenshot. Then you will have 3 additional things you can select - vault, spaces, or tags. HTH

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