Home note (moc) in main navigation

I can’t remember how I added my main home note (moc) into the primary navigation (next to file explorer, search etc.).

I’m syncing on another computer and don’t see the icon for the home note there.

checked main settings and plugins, but don’t see this kind of settings. Plugins and settings are synced, which works for everything…but not for this button :frowning:

Does anyone have an idea for me?

What is the icon? Is it possible you just opened the note and then dragged it over there? That seems to be a thing I can do with arbitrary notes!

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That’s the trick…did not try to move the open file…I used the file explorer.
So moving the open file to the bar did the magic.

Many thanks!

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Hurrah! And thank you for teaching me that arbitrary notes can be dragged over to the sidebars like that!

it was a pleasure
lifelong learning :slight_smile:

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The nice thing with such a MOC in the main navigation bar: It opens instead of the file explorer, so you can use it as a kind of sidebar and navigate through your notes.
Obviously, this setting does not sync :slight_smile:

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