Home and End keys should relocate the text cursor

Use case or problem

I use a Mac for most of my note editing. I often need to jump between the top of a note (or anywhere within a note) to the bottom. When I use the Home and End keys on my Apple Magic keyboard (using Ctrl + Fn + left, Ctrl + Fn + right on the small keyboard), the text cursor stays where it is. This means that I have to keep reaching out to my trackpad to click the place where I want the cursor to be. As a user with arthritis, this is painful for me and is thus an accessibility issue.

On my iPhone and iPad, using the Home and End arrows on the ribbon do actually move the cursor to the top and bottom of the file. I don’t understand why the Mac version should be different.

Proposed solution

Detect the Home and End key presses and move the cursor accordingly.

Home and end already work that way. This is a specific problem of your computer/keyboard.

Interesting! It does exactly the same with my large Magic Keyboard and with my Logitech K380. I don’t have any others to try, but at the moment it’s looking like a problem with my MacBook Pro 2020 running Sonoma 14.0. Maybe it’s just a general problem with all Macs. Or with all Electron apps.

Anyway, thanks for your reply.

Do you have a keyboard with actual home and end key?

I just dug out an old Windows USB keyboard and tried it. Home moves the cursor to the beginning of the line, End moves it to the end of the line. Ctrl+Home displays the top of the file but leaves the cursor where it is, and Ctrl+End displays the end of the file, leaving the cursor where it is.

I can confirm the described behavior on my Mac, but I’ve never noticed it before because I use Cmd + Arrow instead, which does move the cursor. Mac keyboard shortcuts - Apple Support

Aha! Just pressing Cmd plus an up or down arrow key does nothing. But if I hold the keys down, the cursor does jump to one end or the other. I’ve no idea what’s going on, but I’m going to mark this as the solution. Thanks!

That’s strange! Does it behave that way in other apps?

I tried it in Pages and TextMate, for text files, and in Numbers with a large spreadsheet. It jumped instantly to the top or bottom in Pages and TextMat, but more slowly in Numbers. I’m guessing it was the size of the spreadsheet that caused the delay, as it was on a column used in a Sum() calculation.

It has also worked flawlessly in all of my usual apps, and I don’t remember coming across this problem in the past.

Huh! As far as I recall it works as expected for me in Obsidian.

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