Highlightr plugin doesn't work

Things I have tried

I’ve installed the Highlightr plugin. When I left-click on a bit of text, the “Highlight” option does appear in the pop-up menu (as does the option to “Erase highlight”), however, upon clicking that option, nothing happens at all. I’m on version 0.15.9. Not sure what other information might be relevant. Any suggestions?

According to Discord users, that’s a bug, and it might not be fixed anytime soon. You can use the Command Palette to work around the problem.


Thanks very much.

Hello @cinepou

If you want to not only capture highlights but also review them on a regular basis, you might be interested in my chrome extension.

It shows your past highlights when you are reading articles relevant to them.

For example, you will see a set of highlights about leadership showing up on the right side of your browser when you read an article on a startup founder’s qualifications.


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