Highlighting text and hit square brackets erases text

Things I have tried


I apologize if this is a no brainer for most of you. But I’m trying to create a link by highlighting the text first and then hitting “[[”. The problem is that this action deletes the text that I have highlighted. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance, I’m really enjoying learning about Obsidian and how to use it to manage all my notes.

Have you enabled wikilinks in settings?

Yes I have. If I hit the “[[” and type within, there will be a link present. I just wish it didn’t erase the text. I can copy it, then past it back into the formed wiki links, but that’s kinda tedious.

For what it’s worth, there is a difference between hitting [ and [ on highlighted text. The key to NOT get the text erased, was to hold down the [ button until two “[[” appeared and viola the text wasn’t erased and I had the wiki link. I thought you had to hit the square bracket twice to make the link.