Highlighting citations in sources

sometimes when I’m reading an article, they cite some other study which has an interesting piece of information.
I do generally trust them and write that down in my notes without reading the original reference.

Do you have any nice way to write/format this kind of information so that I know it was actually referenced from somewhere else in case I come back and wish to find the original?
I don’t need to write down the full reference: I can always go back to the article and find it. It would however be useful to note - This is a citation from somebody else.

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My solution is the obvious one but I think it is still good. I write all my notes as if I was writing a chunk of a research paper, in the idea of Zettelkasten/atomic notes. Therefore my notes look like:

In their study with 25 participants […], [[@smith_2015]] found that […].

Therefore when I cite authors who cite other authors, my notes look like:

In their introduction, [[@johnson_2022]] cites [[@smith_2015]] to justify a methodologic choice of…

Simple, future-proof, no-brainer :smiley:

But also kind of boring solution…


Thanks, this is similar to what I currently do.
However I often don’t even add the specific citation unless it is indeed important for the study on hand.

I refer to articles that write something like: [guys] found out that A is good, so we decided to do B.
If I’m just interested in the fact that A is good, and not very much in the methodology they used to find that out I won’t even add the referenced article to my library.
I’ll write something like: “Previous studies say A is good”.

I ask this question to know if there is any better way to write it or format it, because I’ve got my notes full of sentences like this one and it gets a bit boring after a while.

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