Highlighting a node and its associated lines

Ok, so I searched, and can’t find an answer.

I’ve decided to add my question in Feature Requests because I expect that Obsidian does not currently have this functionality. I looked in the Settings, but there is no section relating to Graph settings.

If I mouse-over a node, it lights up and so do the lines connected to it. I am graphing many nodes, so I often want to see what nodes/topics link to other nodes, but since I’m zoomed in, when I hover over the node, I see the lines projecting out to the corners of my screen, but I cannot see where they go, and I can’t zoom out.

If I click on said node, a new note opens up. I can understand why, and it is a handy function, but I don’t want a new note, I want to be able to click on the node to highlight it and keep it highlighted, when I click on the node I want it to stay highlighted along with its connected lines (same as when I mouse over) until such time as I click on it again.

This would be very useful to trace lines to other nodes in the graph. As it is now, if I have a large, complicated web of nodes, when I zoom out to see where the lines connect to, it’s too easy to lose the node, and then you have to go hovering around all over to re-find the correct node to mouse over it to see where the lines go… and then if I hadn’t zoomed out enough and some of the lines went off the screen, I’d have to start this process all over.

If, on the other hand, I could click on a node (or more than one) and this/these node(s) remained highlighted and so did their lines, one could zoom in/out to see the complete picture of the interconnections, or you could pan the graph to remain at a certain zoom level and still trace/follow the highlighted lines.

Afterward, one could just click on the node again to de-highlight the node and lines, or use a key combination to de-highlight all highlighted nodes.

I imagine most people are used to clicking on a node to open a new note, that’s fine, the highlighting functionality I describe could be accomplished by a Ctrl-click or other key-click combination that maybe would be configurable in Settings.

I hope I didn’t describe all this just to have someone reply that there is already a way to highlight the nodes and make it stick. :crazy_face:

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