Highlight to Blockquote

I can’t find this request so far…

Situation: I want to convert pasted text to blockquote.

Some quote from a source
with many lines
many, many lines

Current: I need to type a > at the beginning of each line manually

Request: Highlight all text, and type > once in order to convert all to blockquote

Similar behavior: At the moment, you can highlight text, type (, and have the entire highlight wrapped in parentheses. Is this possible for blockquote as well?

Thanks again to the team!


You could do multiple cursors to bulk add > to your selected lines

Thanks for the tip - that’s an interesting workaround, didn’t know it was an option!

I’d still love to see this as a feature, since avoiding repetitive clicks is always an ergonomics/RSI goal.

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+1. I’d love to have this feature as well!

As a workaround, there is a command Toggle blockquote. It will automatically turn your entire selection into blockquote.

You can map it to a hotkey.

(I agree it would be nice to be able to just type > on a selection.)

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