Highlight entire section when opening links to headings in reading/preview mode as opposed to only highlighting the heading

Things I have tried

Checked to see if this also happens with the default theme and not just with the one I'm using (Minimal), and it does.

I’ve too little knowledge in CSS to actually know where to begin.

What I’m trying to do

So currently in editing mode, when opening a link to a heading, the entire section below the heading gets highlighted. On preview/reading mode, only the header gets highlighted, and not including the normal text below that.

Is there any CSS magic or toggle in the settings I can mess with so that in preview mode, the entire section below a heading gets highlighted when I open a link to it in preview instead of highlighting only the heading itself?

Similarly, can I swap the current highlighting, where in editing mode, only the header gets highlighted instead of the entire section whenever I open a link to it in edit mode?

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