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I’m using the awesome breadcrumb plugin, but since internal links shouldn’t be used in YAML unless wrapped in quotes, I’ve decided to use plain DV links into the note body (or into a comment block).

So instead of this:

parent: [[A Topic]]

I do this into the document

parent:: [[A Topic]]

I’ve activated the DV options to “Enable Inline Fields Highlights” but nothing happens, the DV inline fields are not highlighted at all.

Should I tamper with some global css to make this effective? I couldn’t find additional info on DV github pages about this particular topic

As far as I know highlighting is only applied to inline fields surrounded by [] or ().

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thanks! That works indeed, but only on reading view.

Follow-up questions:

  • how to customize the css for the highlight?
  • Is there any way to have this also on editing view ?
  • how to activate this also for inline fields not surrounded by [] or () ?

Quite sure you won’t have all the answer but I’ll leave them here for future reference if anyone is aware of these :slight_smile:

.dataview .inline-field-standalone-value {
  color: green;

I don’t think it is possible as in editing view nothing is rendered - it is actually just normal text. Only when switching to reading view, dataview will render the output, thus making it also possible to target with css.

Same seems to be true for your third question.

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