Highlight commented code

Hi, Im very new to js, ts, css, and all web stuff in general. Anyway I managed to follow the example plugin to do what I wanted in term of action, but… Now it is important to me to modified a little the view aspect of the app and I have no idea how to proceed.

Goal: I want that Obsidian highlight some commented blocks (in edit mode) just as a code block (if a given structure is followed).

For example, if Obsidian found this (or any other pre-established pattern)

%% julia
println("Hi");  # Note the colors

In edit mode I want it to treat it as this

%% julia
println("Hi"); # Note the colors

I don’t use the block code itself because I explicitly wants the code to be ignored in reading mode.

Is this an easy task, given that Obsidian already recognize the code block pattern?
What can I do to start?

Thanks in advance.