High School Student Just Getting Started - Help!


I am a high school student who stumbled upon Obsidian by chance. I love the idea of Personal Knowledge Management to help me study, but there is way too much information on the internet on how to get started. I do like the idea of conceptual notes, but I am open to any note-taking system that works. Are there any specific tutorials, walkthroughs, methods, or tips on how to set up a note-taking system for learning (and beyond)?

Not sure if this is helpful, but:

  • What I want to organize: at the moment, just school (maths, sciences, history, computer science, Spanish)
  • Machine: MacBook Pro 14" M1 Pro

Once I set up a school vault, I would also like to set up a vault for my personal life as well (or can these both be in the same vault?).

  1. Learn Markdown syntax.
  2. Create a lot of notes with links [[...]].
  3. Enable Backlink core-plugin in Settings to see more connections.
  4. try to copy examples like The Quantum Well

Links are the core. Most of the time you don’t need: folder, tags and properties.
I personally only use:
_InBox - new notes
_Resources - files, images
_Working - notes after organization process
aliases - another title for searching

You have to make mistakes to know what you want.

So essentially don’t listen to anyone on the internet on what works best (at least starting out) and dive in. Thank you!

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