Hiding md formatting symbold in editor mode

Use case or problem

Special symbols like # or [ or * - bloat text and make it much less readable.
That’s why you made preview mode after all.
But most of the time I edit my notes. So I don’t use preview mode at all. I tried, but its useless for me.
I’ve also used many other md editors before and I do agree with you, that hiding the symbols totally is uncomfortable also.

Proposed solution

So I’d like to propose improvements to Editor mode, but without full refinement of it.

  • Technical symbols should be hidden (not removed) just with color and only if 1) they are not on the line where the cursor is, 2) they are not on the line the mouse is over. This also would make text stable - it won’t jump over when you hover over it with mouse
  • There should be two options for colors non-highlighted and highlighted, with options: Original, Grayed (opacity 50%), Hidden

This way you don’t see most special symbols most of the time.
But you do see them whenever you want to edit them - with keyboard or with mouse

Implementation of this seems quite easy, but this will improve UI apperance greatly.
If I had that options I’d use ‘Grayed’ for highlighted (mouse over and/or cursor is on the line) and ‘Hidden’ for non highlighted.

NotePlan does much of this. It works quite well.

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