Hiding/ignoring certain 'unlinked mentions'

Use case or problem

Not all unlinked mentions are relevant to the note it’s being linked too. For instance, I’m a freelancer with multiple clients and I like to keep everything in one vault for ease-of-use. However, given I do similar work across clients, some notes start to link cross-client that i’d naturally link to remove as they’re irrelevant.

In the local graph, you can hide notes temporarily via the filtering. But the mentions section has no such feature so that’s no way of temporarily or even permanently hiding them

Proposed solution

The ability to hide a mention on a case-by-case basis—with an option to unhide again in the future (although the latter option is a nice to have)

Current workaround (optional)

There’s no current workaround #sadface

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Alternate proposal: Provide a way to filter like the local graph.

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