Hiding certain callout blocks on print?

Some of my Obsidian pages contain Wikipedia style sections with the heading “See also” followed by numerous bulleted links. I am increasingly using the new callout block feature for these entries. These are often - but not always - at the bottom of each page.

I have been recently noticing that I often need to circulate a copy of these pages outside of Obsidian to non-Obsidian users and use the PDF feature to do this. However, I don’t want others to see my PKM “see also” block. They just need to see the main body text.

It’s a pain, I either create a temporary duplicate and remove the block, print, then delete the duplicate; or delete the block print and paste back in afterwards (hoping I am not distracted by a call and then forget to paste back afterwards!)

I wonder if I might create a custom callout style and style it with a ‘don’t print me’ block instruction?

Is this the best way of doing this? If so can some CSS wiz help me with the CSS?

If there is a better way, could you enlighten me?

Many thanks

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