Hide table row if there is a cell value is empty

I’m making a table in Obsidian using Dataview to insert values from the YAML.
Kind of like what’s being done in this template: Template New NPC - Obsidian TTRPG Tutorials
I’ll use this template as an example.

Let’s say I have this set up


Class: Class here
Alignment: Alignment here


> Type |  Stat |
> ---|---|
> Alignment | `=this.alignment` |
> Class | `=this.class` |
> Character Role | `=this.character-role` |

And it makes a table like this:
Type | Stat
Alignment | Alignment here
Class | Class here
Character Role |

Where, the character role is empty because there’s no value in the YAML.
I want to make it so that the Character Role row in the table, is hidden from view in Reading mode when there is no value in the right side box.

I tried to look for ways to do this but I couldn’t find anything. If I did overlook something it’s probably because I’m a noob and don’t understand it … Help is appreciated. Thanks!

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