Hide select vault folders from Obsidian

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+1 I’m also experimenting with NotePlan and other apps integration using the same folder, so obviously the possibility to hide certain folders would be very handy

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Another +1
I, too, am playing with integrating NotePlan and Obsidian. :slight_smile:

This would be helpful for those of us who aren’t interested in seeing notes such as templates or attachments.

‘Right-click > hide’ would be great, with an option to ‘show hidden files’ when needed.

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Yes, urgently!

I’m parsing .md files before pushing out to git. I’m therefore having a duplicate of each file. Obsidian hence insists on fully qualified links. I’ve tried chflags hidden but obsidian choses to ignore it.


+1 It’d be really useful

+1 too. Thank you for your consideration.

+1. Would be very useful to ignore specific folders within a vault, specially during operations like searching and moving file to other folder.


I need this feature too.

I like to add .obsidian to my development project’s folder, making them a Vault, but it would be nice, if I could keep some stuff out of view in the GUI and not have them getting processed by Obsidian.

This wouldn’t really help my issue with the templates folder going into the Vault’s root, however, since I want to hide that from the project’s root folder, not from Obsidian. If you also would like the templates folder to go from the Vault’s root into .obsidian, please show your support at Place ‘templates’ folder in ‘.obsidian’ but expose to UI. Thanks.

This is a great feature request. I would also add the option to select whether one can still search & embed notes/images/other data from the hidden folders. Also through a right-click menu, something like Keep this folder searchable.


As hidden asset folders are not supported currently I went with a workaround. I posted this in a similar thread: Show / hide file types to be shown in file explorer - #17 by cmprmsd

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I would like this for sure. But there is also the situation where you might want a folder to not be indexed by Obsidian. I have a few reference library folders that I never add to or change but often have to wait while Obsidian heats up for a minute or two when I boot the vault up. Sorry if this is unrelated. Maybe I should do a feature request.


+1 for this. Meanwhile I got used to the file tree plugin which has an option to add to “excluded folders”.

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+1. It would be really useful

+1 for this, it would be most useful.

+1 for this feature, would realy prove convenient

Another vote for this.

+1, would be useful to hide Attachments, Templates and Databases (used for DataView data) folders.
I feel it would be convenient to toggle whether or not these hidden folders should still be accessible via Open File (cmd+O)

+1 I would also be able to toggle folders to be hidden from indexing.