Hide ident lines on lists

Dear Obsidian community,

Can somebody please enlight me how to get rid off these indent (vertical) lines :grey_question:

I’m referring here to the Editing (the WYSIWYG, the new Live Editing) mode.


I’m ok with applying some CSS snippet, but I don’t know how to inspect the current presentation (like you do using DevTools in Browsers and all those Electron based apps) to find which CSS rules should be updated.

Thanks in advance!

But Obsidian has a DevTools… (as an Electron based app). Got to View > Toggle Developer Tools

About indentation lines, go to settings > Editor > Show indentation lines

OMG! I can’t believe I missed that Show indentation guides option that exists in Settings > Editor. :man_facepalming:

Thanks a lot for the quick help! :pray:

Speaking about DevTools, that’s great but I don’t have any menu bar.
Tbh, I don’t remember toggling it (and there is no related command in the command set available as far as I can see).

So, yeah, having access to DevTools would be help a lot.

About dev.tools: Ctrl+Shift+I on Windows/Linux or Cmd+Opt+I on macOS

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Man, today I feel like out of imagination. :blush:
I use this mainly on a daily basis on the browser while web dev or troubleshooting, but never consider trying this in Obsidian as well.

Thanks a lot for all the good and quick help! :pray: Really appreciate! :raised_hand:

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