Hide blank line after quote when in live preview mode

Things I have tried

In live preview mode, when I write a quote, I must add an additional blank line after it to make it end, otherwise the new content will append to the quote content.

What I’m trying to do

For an example, when I’m in this state


and I press backspace, the preview will be


other than just delete the blank line. I know this is part of the markdown syntax, but is there any approach to tackle this to make the preview more concise?

I don’t think you can get rid of the newline. It’s what tells Obsidian that you’re making a new paragraph and not continuing the quote.

The only thing I can think of is reducing the distance between quote and new paragraph in CSS. If you don’t know how to edit CSS I’d go the easy way and just try out some themes other people made, and see which one decreases the distance and suits you.

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