Hide Autocomplete if appending size to Wikilink embedded image

Steps to reproduce

More of a nuisance than a bug. After pasting an image, the Markdown syntax shows ![[image.jpg]] and you often want to resize the image by adding something like |200 after the filename to get ![[image.jpg|200]]. So you begin typing after the g, but as you do this, the autocomplete (for finding files and blocks/headings) pops up but only says “No match found”.

This is an unhelpful eyesore since wikilinks already cannot have the | character in them (it’s removed and still links properly if you, for example, have a heading with a | in it) and requires you to click escape two times instead of one to hide it and go to normal mode if you’re in vim insert mode after adding the date. I think this could also happening if changing the display text for a link like [[note|displayed title]].

Expected result

Hide the autocomplete hoverbox when appending image widths to an existing embedded image link. (Even more ideally as a FR, allow the user to set a default size when pasting embedded images that auto-adds the |200).


  • Operating system: all