Hidden Windows FileShares as "clickable" Link / Escape character for $ sign in path

Hello folks,

as I am working in a Microsoft environment I have the following issue. I couldn’t find anything in the help or via google. I use Obsidian as a documentation and I also have a note for internal fileshare-links as followed. I want to use this links as “clickable” Links and this works fine, except for hidden windows shares, which all ends with the “$” sign. As far as I understood the $ sign is for some maths formula, and the escape character would be "". Unfortunatley this doesn’t work in that special case for a “clickable” Link. Do you have any suggestions?

OK: file:///\subdomain.domain.com\fileshare\folder
NOK: file:///\subdomain.domain.com\fileshare\windowsshare$


Don’t know if this will work, but you could try URL encoding the $ to %24



Works properly! Thank you very much for the support!

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