Hey, could someone show us exactly what this is best for? Thanks!

Why exactly is this better than everything else out there?

How does this help us better than other things?

  1. When it comes to finding exactly what we were looking for near-instantly (1-3 seconds)
  2. Or how exactly does it help us use our info better?
  3. Or anything else that is helpful or useful about our info
  4. What is this best at?

Videos or gifs that shows us what this is best for would be helpful

Youtubes or gifs or images

Words/text as we all know doesn’t cut it. Text is an insufficient ineffective medium


Thinking things we can’t even imagine. How exactly does this help us more (with anything) than everything else out there as of the date of your exact answer/demonstration?

Have you tried the app, or searched this forum for these kinds of examples, or looked at what’s already available on YouTube?

Your questions are very broad. What are you trying to do? What made you interested in Obsidian to begin with?