Help with the Obsidian Tracker Plugin and my frontmatter

What I’m trying to do

I am currently trying to enable me to use my frontmatter recorded for each daily note as a basis for a tracker, using the tracker plugin. I have tried various other tracker builds but have not found a nice method to display the values in a dashboard enabling me to get an overview of the months and also build some graphs to investigate my daily habits/locations and what not.

climbing: 30 minutes
traveling: true 
mediation: 1 hour 
location: NYC, LA 

Things I have tried

Tried to look through the GitHub of the Obsidian Tracker Plugin and various other ideas regarding trackers and related topics.

Ok found some typos in some code and am now able to use my YAML a bit more. Still interested if sb. has found some nice ways of exploring ones daily notes/YAML/tasks and visualising all that lovely data.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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