Help with Text Expander and Custom CSS

I am using obsidian for notes for school and I use span fields to highlight certain types of notes with different descriptions, using CSS to color the span fields as well. (for instance, when I note something in a text I am reading that I disagree with I put Disagreement and then I use CSS to have the text in the span, “Disagreement,” appear in Yellow). I was trying to set up a text extender (Espanso) to create a shortcut so I didn’t have to copy the span strings every time, but I noticed that when the text is entered from the expander, the live preview and reader view do not show the text with the CSS colored highlight


i suggest u use <mark> tag instead, it would be more direct. anyway, no doubt u can do that manually using <span> or <mark>, but i guess you should give this plugin a try first? they are available via obsidian’s community plugin

for custom highlights (i think should be exactly what u want)

text expander plugins for obsidian (in case u want a text expander that works only within obsidian)

Thanks. that really helps!

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