Help with sync

I use github to sync my files cause I’m not going broke with sync. But there are problems that come with that obviously. I sometimes get an error with windows banned characters in my files, as well as merge conflicts with appearance.json and daily notes.

Your post makes it seem like you are pulling from GitHub after opening Obsidian. You should pull before opening Obsidian. That would help prevent Obsidian from updating any files before you pull your changes from GitHub.

Furthermore, are you using an OS apart from Windows? Windows shouldn’t allow you to push banned characters to GitHub.

This link is for the Microsoft docs on naming files, paths, and namespaces.

Ah it’s probably because I’m using obsidian git which pulls after I open obsidian. I guess I’ll just have to disable daily notes plugin then.

Also, yes, I am using 3 OS’s: windows, mac, and iOS. This is probably the problem but the best option right now for a reliable sync.

This is a pre-commit hook for checking files to be committed have valid file names on Windows.

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