Help with my Zotero-Obsidian Workflow

What I’m trying to do

Hi, I am a sophomore law student with ADHD, who has been trying to find better ways to manage my research, writing and general workflow. The shift to Obsidian has been transformative in many ways, however, it has also been a bit hard because of some roadblocks I keep running into. Primarily, I am struggling with the Zotero-Obsidian Workflow. In particular, I have been trying to emulate Alexnadra Phelan’s excellent academic workflow (here): An Academic Workflow: Zotero & Obsidian | by Alexandra Phelan | Medium.

While I have largely been successful in doing so, I remain with two troubles. First, the Zotero PDF links in the literature notes does not lead me to the releavnt part of the annotated Zotero copy. Instead, it opened a prompt to access the file on my Adobe Acrobat Viewer (the always open files in this way type). Now, I am unable/unsure how to undo it. Further, for some reason after this, I am not able to view my annotations in the sidebar when I click on the Zotero file :/; though they are still accessible when I open the Zotero PDF Reader.

Second, since Phelan’s article takes a bit of information for granted, I am a bit stuck with some of the nuances. I’d appreciate if I could talk to someone more experienced in-depth about this. Particularly, I’m interested in understanding where within this literature note template I should be inputting my own thoughts (if at all I’m supposed to do that). Also, she talks about a way wherein you can use Zotfile to save your PDFs outside Zotero, while also retaining annotations in the Zotero Integration Plugin Method.

Things I have tried

I have pretty much scourged every forum I know of, including Reddit, and have only ended up more confused (especially given how the functionalities of Zotero 6 has created a lot of disparate discourse).

Apologies if I have been a bit unclear/overlong - this is my very first post here. I am very keen on replicating this workflow, as an apsiring academic myself. I would be extremely (!) grateful for any sort of help in this regard :slight_smile:


It’s been a while since you posted.

I don’t have an answer for you, because I don’t use Zotero. But if you aren’t already aware, there is also #academia on the Obsidian Discord server. You could ask some questions and potentially have some back and forth there.

Also, if you’ve made any progress since you posted, feel free to update here. Others may benefit.

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